Romina Casadevall

Argentina Director

I have a PhD in Biology and work in the field of biotech-based companies’ creation. The biggest technology changes humanity will see in next decades will be more and more related to scientific developments so I think science has to become an everyday topic for everyone!

Iván Regali

Argentina Director

Luiz Gustavo de Almeida

Brazil Director

I have a Ph.D. in Microbiology and fell in love with science watching Beakman's World. Through Pint of Science, I want to give people the same feelings I had when listening to a scientist, a giant rat and his assistant talking about the wonders of the universe from the science perspective.

Pedro Calderón

Costa Rica Director

All this started when I was a student, then a Master in Chemistry (Electrochemistry applied to forensic sciences) and now a chemistry professor. I am passionate about science, working in the laboratory and obtaining results, but the exchange of knowledge with society is even more exciting.

Pierre Cassar

Pierre Cassar

Ecuador director

Biology and Geology teacher from France, living in Quito. Degree obtained in Lyon, France, then worked 5 years in Paris where I first met Pint of Science! I’m opening the festival here for the first time in 2023. Can’t wait to see the result in Ecuador. Really think it will be amazing!

Ivette Buere

Mexico Director

Not a scientist but a firm believer in the importance of science and facts, especially in the times we're currently living in. Hoping to help bring back curiosity and the desire to learn in everyone.

Michelle Arredondo

Mexico Director

Chemist by profession, researcher by passion and teacher by conviction. I am currently working on developing nanotechnology projects to provide solutions to medical problems. Transmitting and doing science is my goal.